HR Did you know? Update – Jul, 2015

The 2015 General Assembly of Maryland passed numerous bills affecting Human Resources. For more information go to For example, among the legislation, and of special note to grant writers, see House Bill 66, Human Services -No Wrong Door Pilot Program.

Maryland funds internships through the Shriver Center located at UMBC. Do you know the law regarding interns? Do you compensate them? If you are a for-profit business, interns who produce work beneficial to your business need to be compensated via wages, or if an academic internship, via approved academic credit. While non-profit and government interns may not need to be paid when they volunteer, it is important to be sure your agreements with interns are legally correct.
With the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court approved, companies of 50 or more employees follow the current mandate.
Also with the Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage, employers need to understand and provide for benefits and rights, regardless of gender of the spouses.

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