Comprehensive HR Outsourcing; Myth or Reality? – Jun, 2015

Many claim to provide comprehensive services, but what does that really mean to an employer trying to make a decision to either hire in-house or outsource the very technical expertise and range of services needed for effective human resource function and benefits administration?  Typically, in addition to the varied level of skills needed, budget is a primary concern.  So, before deciding, identify those requirements specific to your organization.  Most companies find it is both cost effective and comprehensive to outsource- giving you immediate access to all levels of expertise when you need it without added overhead expense throughout the year.  To help you decide on the many available options that best meets your company’s business needs, following is a quick-list highlighting the expertise needed to effectively manage employment practice risk:


  • In-depth review of policies, procedures, recordkeeping, and other HR functions
  • Conformance to current generally accepted practices, trends, Federal and state legislation
  • HR needs assessment and development of action plan for addressing and minimizing employment practice risk areas
  • Disciplinary and retention process management
  • Employee Handbook review and development
  • Performance management process
  • Staff management training and supervisor development
  • HR staff education and training
  • Onboarding and exit management
  • Workplace harassment prevention education and training
  • Employee benefit plan design and administration
  • Employee welfare benefit plan regulatory compliance
  • Federal and state FMLA administration
  • Federal and state wage and hour compliance
  • HRIS augmentation – online enrollment administration, payroll integration, employee benefits portal set-up and administration

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